Email Campaigns

During one of my previous roles at Getting-Personal, I was predominantly designing and building email campaigns. My working process included sketching initial wireframes to designing high-fidelity mock-ups using Photoshop and then coding in Dreamweaver before uploading to the CMS Redeye - the software tool for distributing emails and XCM Solutions provided segmentation.

Card Factory

This email campaign advertises Christmas cards for both Getting Personal and Card Factory.

Using the traditional Christmas colours from a palette in Getting Personals library I have applied 
different layouts to both emails, allowing consistency throughout.

On the lead up to Valentine’s day, Card Factory used this theme to showcase their card range. We also applied their humour cards as a similar alternative to target those uninterested in the ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ range. 

The email on the left categorises the card options ending with 4 milestone age card options. The email on the right focuses on gendered personalised cards for ‘Her’ and ‘Him’ which are available at Card Factory.

This email incorporates both the Valentine’s market and Birthdays in order to extend to a wider audience over the Valentine season.

I chose two different layouts so as to clearly distinguish between the two themes whilst allowing consistency and clear CTA's throughout.

Getting Personal